Hi, I’m Gayle. I love good food. High brow (read: gourmet or fine dining), low brow (read: fast food or QSR) and everything in between. My mother used to say that she ate to live.

I on the other hand “live to eat.”

Confession: I eat to live, too. I let my “health nut, clean eating” side out on occasion, while trying to get in those good grains and “fruits and veggies” on a regular basis.

Over the past ten years, I have had various food related blogs. And businesses (mostly of the micro or lifestyle variety). Chicago Southland Foodies is the latest one. Blogging about food gives me an excuse to discover new dishes, cuisines, and restaurants (though I can’t eat with abandon like when I was a young thang).

Crazy book lover? Ever since I learned to read.

It’s exciting to read an insider’s take on the industry, an up and coming chef’s autobiography (e.g. “Diary of a Young Black Chef” and Buttermilk Graffiti), devour a cookbook, discover a cooking technique or hack to up your game, and feedyou brain (and mood) with a side dish on the science behind it all (e.g. The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking through Science).

While I profess that I never had the chops to do so professionally, I love to cook.

So you’ll read about product finds, trending ingredients, global cuisines, and also the business side of the culinary industry (my day job is marketing a line of culinary textbooks) @ Chicago Southland Foodies.

Last, Chicago Southland Foodies hopes to get the local community together for food related events: I have long wanted to create a food exchange, take field trips to cool restaurants in the suburbs and Chicago proper to hosting speakers, putting on workshops, gathering for potlucks or even supper club.

Like I said, I do not eat out with abandon like I did as a “young thang.” Thanks to COVID, I scaled back. But we can talk about food with abandon, right?

So I’m counting on you, dear reader (near or far), to get in on this conversation. Please send pictures, reviews, restaurants you’ve tried(or want too) and links to stories you feel the Chicago Southland Foodies community needs to know about.

Especially if you’re like me: THAT PERSON who talks about their next meal while eating their current one. Who scours the grocery food aisles like an anthropologist. Who gets a serious case of drool gazing at photos of food or lapping up some food writer’s latest adventure. It’s as much fun as checking out the cheeks and pecs of a good looking guy.

I may be older, but I’m not dead, you know! Besides, the sensory-sensual side of me loves the stimulation hehe.

So…if any of this speaks to you, won’t you please join us here @Chicago Southland Foodies?!!