Become the next sandwich queen (or king) and maybe you too can make bank

In 2021, in fact, a typical stand-alone Chick-fil-A outside of the mall generated more than $8.1 million in revenues. That’s up 14.8% from the year before, according to data from the company’s most recent Franchise Disclosure Documents.

What’s more, it continued a remarkably strong run for the Atlanta-based company. Over the past five years, volumes for those units have soared 54%, according to data from its FDDs.

Restaurant Business, The Average Unit Volumes for a Stand-alone Chick-fil-A Are Insane

Honestly, I don’t think that I could pull this off. I lean towards unique (sometimes regional, but often not) sandwiches like Nawlin’s Mufaletta, “split horizontally and covered with layers of marinated muffuletta-style olive salad,[8] salamihamSwiss cheeseprovolone, and mortadella.[9]” Source: Wiki

For my food and beverage course, we had to create a menu for a restaurant (mine was a Southern-French food hybrid) that featured dishes like hoe cakes and waffle tenders. Yeah, that’s not a sandwich but you get my drift. I If you never heard of hoe cakes, you can find information and a fabulous recipe @ Grandbaby Cakes.

Southern Hoe Cakes, Not everyone’s cup of tea. Photo credit: Grandbaby Cakes

If you want to make the big bucks, you have to “cross the chasm.” This term comes from a title teaching technology companies how to swim rather than sink. Basically, you have to move past the pioneers and first adopters. In foodie world, this would be your culinary adventurers and those folks who want to be the first in on a foodie trend but often abandon it when the mainstream eaters find out about it.

And that’s where you want to aim if you want to make bank. You want to swim in the Main Stream.

Also, I may get stoned for this, especially here in the Chicago Southland, but I do not like Chick-fil-A.

A. Being a progressive type, I abhor their founders stance on the LGBTQ community (while not turning down their money, of course). And B. Because the food is not worth sitting in a long a*S drive-through for 20 minutes or more (which is often the case at the location on Torrence Ave in Homewood.)

As I commented in my about section and my back story post, I am not a food snob.

I eat plenty of mainstream food items. And I do love a good fried chicken sandwich. But when I want it “Chick-FIL-A style,” I typically buy Aldi’s red bag chicken and their brioche buns. There are some decent Chick-FIL-A type sauces out there, or I make my own.

This post wasn’t an excuse to diss Chick-FIL-A, but because I too was astounded by how much money the typical non-mall stand-alone restaurant makes.

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