What’s an Animal-Style Burger?

Hang with me for just a bit and you’ll learn that hamburgers are at the top of my “all time favorite foods.” I trace this preference back to my kid hood when every Saturday night, my mother made homemade burgers (the beef from the half-cow my father bought each year) along with hand-cut, real fries. If there were ready-to-cook packaged French fries back them, my Dad didn’t buy them.

My Dad would also treat us to “Nifty Burgers,” a White Castles knock-off that had a more savory, onion taste than the “What You Crave” sliders after grocery shopping next door.

Another memory: bicycling to the McDonald’s “Golden Arches” on 5th and Broadway. Me on my Schwinn “Pink Lady,” my little brother on his lime green Schwinn “Pea Picker” and usually Donna Pennington (whose bike I don’t remember). After classes at IUN, me and a classmate would head over to Miner Dunn, where their Onion Burger would be my usual choice. After work take out from Schoops, usually the one in the now razed Woodmar Mall in Hammond, Indiana.

Me and The Pink Lady (it’s pink, take my word on it LOL). With my younger sister back in the day.

Heck, y birthday restaurants weren’t fancy schmancy places, but usually a hamburger joints. Red Robin, avocado burger and their endless steak fries.

Yes, many of my fondest and yummiest food memories are of hamburgers.

Tripping around the web this morning, I come to a term I never heard of before:

Animal-style burger.

WTF? Aren’t all hamburgers animals? Okay, the Impossible Burger and other plant-based burgers excepted. Then again, isn’t the latter like almond and oak milk. Not really a hamburger and not really milk?

My personal biases aside, it seems that I have never heard the term “animal-style burger” because I have never been to IN-and-OUT Burger. From this Food Network article and recipe for an animal-style burger knockoff, I learn:

“Animal Style” is code for a patty grilled in mustard and served with lettuce, tomato, pickles, grilled onions and an extra helping of the California-based chain’s signature sauce. (“Double-Double” means two patties with cheese.)

The “I’m last to know about it” In-N-Out Animal-style burger. This being a “Double-Double” toll and trouble (okay, I ad-libbed the last bits).

And it’s one of those “secret shake-off-the-menu” things.

Which despite being the foodie I claim to be, don’t know much less order “off menu.” Like a virgin. Yeah, I know.

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