Smash N Slide (a burger)

Though I’ve never seen it credited (in our neck of the woods, anyway), Schoops Hamburgers were my first introduction to smashed burgers. Not that Schoops called them that. But that’s what they were (are?, since it’s been more than a minute I’ve had one). They are a way larger version of the Steak and Shake burger. Same crisped outer and crispy, dangly edges.

Schoops Hamburgers, basically a smashed burger, it’s outer edges crisp and dangly (said because these sometimes fell off)

Now of course, smashed burgers are all the rage. As is usually the case, someone turned these into a brand: Smashburgers and a location in Orland Park, IL (near where I work). But again, I haven’t tried them. And given the 3 star reviews on both yelp and Google, I won’t be going out of my way to do so. Schoop’s, on the other hand, is not too far from where I live so maybe.

Sure, this is an excuse for a follow-up hamburger post. Mostly, because I ran across an Instagram site devoted to hamburgers, The Burger Show, for a burger fix. Though for my money, most of them look the same. For many people, size counts, and the Smash N Slide stands out.

Lots of fast food seems to be created on a dare: Can you fit the da*n thing in your mouth? Unlike the “Tummy Busters” of days gone by, it isn’t comped if you can eat the whole thing.

The Smash N Slide, a burger on steroids. And dripping in cheese.

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