Breakfast @ Denny’s: when you want a lot of food for your money

Least my last post have you thinking that nothing but gourmet food will do. I’m no breakfast snob (though I do prefer mom-and-pop or indie places where breakfast is well done).

That said, one of my favorite breakfast places throughout my adult life has been iHop. It was there that I discovered pancakes made with Cream of Wheat which was surprising. I hated Cream of Wheat growing up, being more of a chocolaty, Malt-o-Meal gal. My husband and my go-to breakfast place in the far south Suburbs was Denny’s. But along the way, Denny’s closed.

In Restaurant News, I read that Denny’s is offering an “Endless Breakfast.” So of course I had to immediately Google the nearest Denny’s.

Breakfast at Denny’s

For just $6.99 per person, diners can get an endless supply of buttermilk pancakes, cheesy scrambled eggs, and hash browns. Not only can you get as many pancakes, eggs, and hash browns as you want, but for $0.99 more, you can add bacon or sausage to your meal. The promotion will be available through June 21 at participating Denny’s locations nationwide. Just a warning that the Endless Breakfast will cost a little more in some places, at $8.99. It’s still a great deal, but you may want to check your local Denny’s before heading out.


The nearest Denny’s for far south suburb folks is in Calumet City, right before River Oaks.

Hopefully, Denny’s still cooks up fresh eggs and not those grotty, institutional-box tasting ones that nursing homes, free-breakfast-motels, and school foodservice lines are infamous for. Hash browns as I remember can be hit-or-miss–dependent on how busy they are and whether the line cook is feeling it that day. I do remember the buttermilk pancakes being decent enough, though iHop has better syrup choices.

Remember this deal is only good until June 21 (2022), so eat up while you can.

Endless Breakfast (basically, their “Super Slam?): when you want a lot of food for your money.

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