JavaMania’s Delectable Boozy Coffee

The Real Deal

My mother was a coffee addict so the thick aroma of coffee was always percolating throughout the house. She drank her coffee black. No cream. A little sugar, on occasion.

Hot. Cold. Lukewarm. The temperature made little difference to her. Needless to say, she was not a connoisseur.

Despite growing up around coffee (or maybe because of it), I did not drink (or like) coffee until my late 20’s. And what brought me to it was primarily the caffeine kick. This was a stressful time in my life (exasperated by a stressful manager at work and marriage on the home front).

The start of my love affair with coffee came later. Which led to a coffee (direct sales) business for a spell. And while I will probably never specialize in it again, given my continued love affair, my goal is to create coffee tasting events and sell coffee through this site at some point.

For now, I am sharing great finds. And this Brulee Bourbon Kenya coffee from JavaMania in Loves Park, IL is the “real deal.” It is a delectable “boozy coffee” (as opposed to just adding booze into whatever brand you’re drinking though I do that too).

The bourbon notes are pronounced, lingering on the finish (as intended). It’s real bourbon, and not artificially flavored as many so-called boozy coffee brands are.

Simple but elegant brown box packaging (desk cube is mine)

Superbly roasted in my book. The rich scent of coffee wafts from the packaging (available as whole beans, ground, and K-cups…I ordered the K-cups) denoting freshness and the promise of a top-shelf product.

Dark. No bitter, burnt notes. Smooth.

No doubt, this is probably best as an after-dinner coffee. But me being me, it is my morning cup. Well, while I’m working at home, anyway.

As in I can taste and “feel” this coffee, (meaning, it’s probably “not work appropriate” unless you work for yourself or your office is has a retro Mad Men environment hehe). Though keep in mind that I imbibe on occasion these days, so I am definitely a boozy lightweight.

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