a delicious fruit-based galette with JavaMania’s delectable bourbon coffee

I have had a nice happy vibe going on after my morning cup of Kenyan coffee with bourbon from JavaMania. It’s a dreary day, and that’s saying a lot.

This afternoon, I looked at my daily email from the discounted (inexpensive AF) book site, Bookbub, featuring this Williams-Sonoma cookbook:

this digital cookbook is priced at $1.99 which is inexpensive AF. But at this price for a limited time (click Amazon link to see if the offer is still active).

And a lightbulb went off.

A fruit-based galette would make a delicious dessert pairing with JavaMania’s Kenyan bourbon coffee. And this berry galette with its sweet-tart profile would be a nice complement with the sharp, smooth bourbon notes in the coffee.

And galettes, being a rustic pie, are easy to make. Simple yet elegant, right?

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