What Is A Gourmet?

A gourmet doesn’t see food as a means to an end. To a gourmet, food is art. Such a food enthusiast is into edible luxury. Gourmets enjoy the experience of eating, making, or displaying food. Some even explore the history and the anthropology of the foods they eat. A gourmet takes time and care in preparing food and usually eats food slowly. Gourmets frequent places that offer extra information about a food’s origin, have ingredients of top quality, prepare foods from scratch, and serve dishes in a luxurious manner. The person you may have called a gourmet years ago might today be called a “foodie.”

found @ the Spruce Eats

To my mind, gourmets are foodies but not all foodies are gourmets.

For example, some foodies are obsessed with fast food fare, like McDonald’s cheeseburgers. Bill Oakley, who was a head writer for the Simpsons, has created a following for his fast food 59 second video reviews (2018 Vulture interview), loves em.

Photos from Bill Oakley’s Fast Food Instagram

I was impressed enough by what he said in Restaurant Business’s podcast to check out Oakley’s stuff on Instagram. And follow him.

And while I cannot praise McDonald’s or their cheeseburger in the same vein, I feel what Oakley says about judging a hamburger’s quality by its construction is spot on:

  • Texture
  • Balance of soft and crisp
  • Balance between hot and good elements

Thus, fast food or QSR (as it is known in the trade) foodies are a welcomed segment of the Chicago Southland Foodies community. Especially as there are an awful lot of fast food and casual food joints in Chicago’s South Suburbs.

And I eat fast food. In my twenties, I had the family nickname: Fast food junkie.

For a long time now, though, my tastes, cooking, and dining out experiences lean gourmet.

Gourmet restaurants prepare dishes from the highest quality ingredients with impeccable technique. They can serve food that challenges the palate or offers a twist from a traditional dish. For example, gourmet mac and cheese may use Gruyere, a cheese that is almost exclusively made in France and Switzerland.

found @ the Spruce Eats

So I was excited to learn that the gourmet-leaning restaurant, Kitchen + Kocktails, plans a September 2021 opening in the City [a.k.a. Chicago or the Windy City]. I learned about lawyer and restaurant-investor Kevin Kelley expansion of his Dallas restaurant by way of an interview in N’DIGO: Q&A with Kevin Kelley, Kitchen + Kocktails.

This is what I’m talkin’ bout. Gourmet food at its finest. And a restaurant Chicago Southland Foodies looks forward to checking out..

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