Foodie-in-the-Making and Hamburger Smackdown

Daniel Boulud’s $120 Burger made from wine-infused short ribs, black truffles preserves, foie gras, tomato confit still makes my heart flutter ❤

What influences and memories contributed to your becoming a foodie?

Is there a dish that makes you weak in the knees?

Have you dropped some serious cash on Goldbelly?

My father was a foodie. So no wonder I became a foodie too.

[Well that and because my mother was a fair-to-meddling and sometimes outright terrible cook (which she had no problems copping to). But that’s a story for another time.]

Though he had six mouths to feed on a working class postal worker’s salary, typically he had few hesitations about splurging on food (e.g. we had lobster and crab in the freezer and Italian antipasto delicacies in the cupboard) for all of us.

So when when my Goldbelly email mentioned they were carrying a beloved “famed six-ounce cheeseburger, cooked up on a well-seasoned griddle and served on French bread from Rotier’s in Nashville, I flashbacked to memories of one of my favorite cheeseburgers of all time.

While I am talking about my favorite sandwich–hamburgers–today, I had an equal love affair with the Lincoln Sub which is what my Dad usually brought home.

The Lincoln Burger, two hearty hamburger patties with melty American cheese mixed with mayo on French bread.

I have visited Nashville only once. We went to the Grand Ole Opry, but no one mentioned Rotier’s, which USA Today once included on their 10 Best list. I suspect if they had, then I would have moved the Smoky Mountains to go try it and see how well it stacked up to my beloved Lincoln Burger:

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Many moons later, when Lincoln’s reopened in Highland, IN, my ex-husband and I stood in a very long line and spent some bucks to eat and bring home some beloved Lincoln’s.

The Steelworker Special, basically a patty melt with roast beef, instead of cheese, was still pretty tasty.

But alas, the Lincoln Burger just didn’t hold the same thrill. Part of it can be attributed to a growing penchant for high-quality beef and exciting condiments and toppings. But then again, my eyes often glaze over feasting on White Castle. They are far from quality beef (basically beef slime after all).

No matter. Hamburgers are still pretty near to my favorite food ever. It’s certainly what I am most likely to ask for if one of us is doing take out. And if there is a hamburger that you think I should try, I would to love to hear about it.

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