The Back Story

Honestly, I wanted a place to talk about food outside my personal Facebook page. Not all my friends and family are into food as much as I am. If you’re not into food, seeing constant food posts and and hearing someone talk about food all the time gets tres boring.

I get that.

Creating a website with blog made sense. I’ve been blogging for 10 years give or take. In that time, I’ve had three (admittedly, not long time) food blogs. When I first started blogging, sites like Smitten Kitten, Pioneer Women, and Sally’s Baking Addiction were huge and where all the foodies went for their food talk fix.

Photos became the thing (a.k.a. food porn) so visual media Instagram and Twitter took over. Admittedly, these are the places with more currency if you’re a foodie. I have a presence (barely) on both. Because even when I eat out and have a beautifully crafted and plated dish in front of me, I rarely think to take a photo. I’m more about flavors and tastes though I enjoy looking at food too.

Food is not only my personal passion, but my day job. I research and create marketing for a culinary textbook line. and read a lot of professional media (like We Are Chefs and Restaurants News) as well as consumer food media (e.g. Eater, First We Feast, Saveur, Serious Eats, Bon Appetit). I trip across oodles of fascinating factoids and information across the web or from talking with chefs and instructors.

But I wanted to do more than hear myself talk. I wanted to find my tribe, create a community of foodies in the Chicago south suburbs.

I wanted to create a community where others would chime in. That’s where the “good company, good times” in our tagline comes in.

Not everyone will be into the kind of food or cuisines that I like. Not everyone will they feel the same way I do about a restaurant or dish food. I’m not a food critic who’s looking to make or bring a restaurant with my words. But I have to be honest when I’m posting about a restaurant or dish. I may not care for it, but you do. Maybe you know the hidden secret (you should go in on X date, at Y time or when so-and-so is in the kitchen).

I am not as adventurous as I used to be. And as I mention in the “About,” I don’t dine out like I used to but lots of you too. You’re the perfect person to tell other CS Foodies about those hidden gems in Chicagoland: you’ve tried that new place or are into Indian fusion cuisine and know who’s worth checking out. Again, I love to cook as well as will order from food sites (e.g. Goldbelly or DwellSocial).

This is a place where you can share all that (without having to create your own blog.)

I want to hear from you! Won’t you join me?

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