Chicago Southland Foodies Founder’s Blog: What you’ve find here…

Chicago Southland Foodies’ Mission: To create an online community of people across the world who love discovering, eating, learning about, and talking about good food. Locally, to help foodies in the Chicago South Suburbs create and experience scrumptious eating experiences whether that is dining in or eating out.

Towards that end, in the Chicago Southland Foodies Founders Blog, I will cover:

Food trends and other happenings in the culinary/food service industry
–my day job is doing research and marketing for a culinary textbook line so I trip across oodles of fascinating factoids and information across the web or from talking with chefs and instructors.
–coverage includes ingredient and cuisine trends, local and celebrity chefs, books and movies (popular, documentaries, indie film). I will probably lose some readers, but rarely Food Network or foodie reality t.v. Sorry, I remember Gordon Ramsey from British cooking magazines back in the day and when he was nice (or so I remember). Like restaurant reviews, I suspect other Chicago Southland Foodies will be happy to fill in these omissions.

Deep Dives into food and culture
–these will often be original articles, essays, and interviews rather than simply content aggregation (a fancy marketing term for sharing content and links while traipsing the web, food media, and Facebook sites or groups like Eater, Delish, Black People Eats, Bon Appetit, Saveur, Food and Wine, Cuisine Noir…) in the spirit of pioneering food writers and like MFK Fisher, Ruth Reichl, and Edna Lewis (whose level of writing I aspire to).
–Plus, I have a strong interest in culinary history and gastronomy (where food and culture intersect) especially forgotten history and pioneers (because as is often said, “history gets written by the victors).

Reviews on product finds, eateries, books, and food media
–don’t be surprised to see lots of product discoveries and the occasional restaurant or eatery review. That’s because I cook more than I eat out these days and oft times, I enjoy trying out recipes and eating my own cooking more. These could be local grocery store or cool stuff online.
–That said, I anticipate that Club members will have a lot to say about the good and bad of restaurants (here and away) to help you discover divine places to eat out. And places to stay away from.

Food sharing/Product Exchange & other social events
–Food tastings, Coffee klatches, Learning adventures, guest speakers, Movie watch parties, Readings, Recipe-sharing, Restaurant trips, Chicago Southland farmer market meet-ups, Pop-Up stores and more.

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